Small dick husband. How to increase penis?

One day a little ashamed to say that a member of my husband is too small – only 15 cm admit at once that the man I love. Because I chose it did not for the length and thickness of the member, and on other grounds. But to be honest, I did not bring sex so much joy as I could. This I know for sure, because I had a guy with a member of 22 cm, although we parted, in the end (for other reasons). In general, I have matured poser how to increase penis of her husband? So, to my suggestion did not seem offensive to him. Frankly I’m ashamed, and afraid that he will suffer from complexes, because both claim different sources tested, 15 cm – it is quite personal, the average size. But for some reason the average size does not deliver as much fun as the size of more than average, eg, 17-18 inches. Maybe he put a pamphlet with the title of the article “How to enlarge a penis?” Does he pay attention to it? Do understand that I allude to him gently to the need to think about this?

And most importantly, even if it is to accept that it is possible to increase the term, which method to choose? I’m just at a loss. Each advertises its own way, and claims that everyone else will not help. Here, for example, the pump. It is written that it is able to increase the term by vacuum. But perhaps there’s just stretch fabric? Does it not hurt your health? And read what can happen long and thin member that does not please me. For me, even if it’s better then a left.

Any where weights and expanders will not even offer it. One mockery of the body. That I did not take into account. Here are creams and gels seem to be quite safe. But if they act the same way as my breast enhancement cream, which I got from her husband vtihushku for a fortune, then this tool, you can immediately put a cross. Just how do you know whether they would be the effect? We live not very rich and wants to spend money so that the result was.

Recovers More information about the operation, but there are so many horror written and scars can be, and a lot of pain, and sex almost half a year will have to cancel, that I was scared. But there is also an effective way to enlarge penis? Surely there is! Well, the main thing to understand my husband that I care. If only he was not offended, and agreed to discuss this topic. And then together we will select the method that works best. Finally my husband use Vigrx Plus.