5 techniques to achieve female orgasm

She smiles and says it’s been great. Do not trust, is a mere consolation prize. Following these easy steps, Every woman has specific springs that lead to orgasm. And neither have the courtesy to give you your instructions on the first date. We have made some moves for her masterful dispose of pleasure in your arms.

An inspired tactical strategy used by Muhammad Ali to defeat George Foreman. Ali stood for seven rounds in a row, holding the storm, before returning to life and send down an exhausted Foreman.

When it comes to cunnilingus, you have to act like Ali:

1. Conserve your energy letting her move her pelvis around your tongue. Start with gentle, rhythmic tapping. Follow with a long lick as if chuparas ice cream from the bottom up, covering the entire surface of her inner labia and ends in the clitoral hood. No matter what she does, keep a slow, smooth and consistent. ExcĂ­tala to delirium.

2. Dale quickly tap a series of vertical and diagonal on the clitoris.

3. Back to licking slow and very soft.

4. Repeat until melted.

Why it works:

“The clitoris is an extremely sensitive area, so too vigorous stimulation may cause discomfort or pain. This formula gets the blood flowing slowly. Vigorous Taps break the routine and are very pleasant,” says the therapist Mauricio Soler couples.

Women never forget the digital skills of a man. Make yours memorable.

1. Lie on your side.

2. Put your hand over her vulva, pressing on the pubic area to the base of the palm of your hand. Walk your fingers above the vulva.

3. Let her push against your palm and use the index and middle fingers to make rhythmic movements in the vaginal entrance.

4. Begins to stimulate the clitoral hood slightly with fingertips. Press your lips gently.

5. For variety, introduced two fingers, pressing against the front wall of the vagina. This will stimulate both the clitoris and the G spot The’re giving away a delicious 2 x 1.

Why it works:

This movement stimulates her pussy up and down. “In this area there are many nerve endings that is usually neglected,” says sexologist Elena Gras. And while she presses her clitoris with the palm of your hand, you have the freedom to devote to other manuals odd jobs …