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This medical revolution has led doctors from around the world to endorse and actively prescribe herbs and natural healing.
With sexual dysfunction happened in marriage, which finally triggers divorce, demand for male enhancer has been increasing. VigRX Plus is a reliable male enhancing formula that brings special healing agent to have sexual penetration even longer (58.97%), keep erection bigger (62.82%), improve orgasm quality and quantity (22.49%), enhance satisfaction of sexual intimacy (71.43%), and keep up sexual satisfaction (61%). That percentage report is gained through clinical study with human testing. Further report about clinical study by Vedic Life Science Pvt. Ltd can be accessed from its official webpage.

However the report is packed into fifty six pages of book which obviously takes long time to finish up reading it. Therefore, a summary is written to help readers understand all contents in clinical study by Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. The purpose of clinical study is to assess the efficacy and safety of VigRX Plus to treat erectile dysfunction and other male sexual problems.

The study was conducted with several criteria, including sample of 75 men in the age of 25-50 years old and those targeted sample must be in line with defined criteria. The study took almost three months with research method of exam, questionnaire and routine visit. Each targeted person was given a particular dosage of VigRX Plus every day. In order to precisely measure the efficacy of this male enhancer, International Index of Erectile Function was firstly made to asses VigRX Plus. This study was randomly executed to provide more precise result. The clinical study kept out all patients with problematic health such as Diabetes Mellitus, Vascular Disease and Hypertension and any else.

What is International Index of Erection Function (IIEF)?
It is a questionnaire about erectile dysfunction which can be used to any targeted objects with different settings and other cross cultural backgrounds. Designed by head scientist at New England Research Institute, Mr. Raymond C Rosen, Ph.D., it is used to assess the efficacy of particular medication to cure the erectile dysfunction. With the help of IIEF, VigRX Plus can be precisely measured to increase libido and make erection bigger. Also, it invites the partner of targeted person to give assessment.

Due to the clinical study, the result is withdrawn after being measured with IIEF. What are benefits of VigRX Plus?

1.Improving an ability to penetrate (59.97%)

Not only males gaining benefit after taking VigRX Plus, their partner also gain sexual satisfaction at peak. The ability to penetrate is physically increased through some physical changes. The most important thing is both partners experience satisfaction with amount of percentage up to 59.97%.

2.Maintaining longer erection (62.82%)
Males who can’t keep their erection longer are regarded to suffer erectile dysfunction. Therefore they need male enhancer to get over it. VigRX Plus is reported to bring customer satisfaction up to 62.82% for keeping erection last longer, regardless of ages.

3.Increasing orgasm both quantity and quality (22.49%)
Orgasm is a point to shoot when performing sexual intimacy. It is what every couple wishes for to experience the highest satisfaction in sex. Without orgasm, the sex activity wouldn’t be pleasing. Based on clinical study, it is almost 22.49% of those with satisfied feeling after consuming VigRX Plus.

4.Improving satisfaction of sexual intimacy (71.43%)
After 84 days of clinical study, it was reported an increasing satisfaction is up to 71.43% for each sexual intimacy. It is remarkable result after years of experiments to find out reliable male enhancer.

5.Increasing Libido (47%)
The ability of VigRX Plus to increase libido has set this male enhancer into top notch medication. It delivers solution for those craving for healthy solution to remove erectile dysfunction. This male enhancer goes with true excellence to heal any sexual problems and restore sexual health.

6.Increasing sexual satisfaction (61%)
After eighty four days or almost 3 months, the overall satisfaction has been withdrawn with percentage of 61%. It’s fantastic! All ingredients come from herbs and those effectively treat erectile dysfunction with impressive result.

Keep in mind, the clinical study toward VigRX Plus was executed with double blind method; meaning at researchers had no clue about who are given with either VigRX Plus or placebo for entirely removing any bias to the result. This study finally delivers conclusion that this male enhancer delivers significant change to the improvement of erection, libido and orgasm both males and their females. The study was being analyzed with IIEF for more precise result.

Due to chart showing result of study, it was at 12th week; VigRX Plus delivers permanent result and begins increasing up to one month. After reaching at point, almost 90% of all patients had gained impressive healing system to treat erectile dysfunction. Double blind human testing study was hold in purpose to gain effective and reliable result. Afterward, it will be used to convince other patients with the same problematic sexual life to try VigRX Plus.

It is so much worth to invest your money into VigRX Plus. The result is equal with price that you’ve paid for. Do you request for more proof? Just visit its official web page to gain complete data about this male enhancer. Nothing to worry if you have already owned it, as it brings significant result to restore your sexual pleasure and keep relationship everlasting. It’s time to make your lady happier than before, it’s time to put your trust on this remarkable male enhancer.